AJ Smith and Chris Sakai from Jozii @ PCS on March 11th!

Founder and CTO of Jozii, AJ Smith and software engineer at Jozii, Chris Sakai will be here to talk about their experiences working at start-ups. Join us to hear them speak on start-up culture and for free pizza! Check Jozii out at
Eventbrite - AJ Smith and Chris Sakai @Jozii

Beth Rosenberg from TechKids Unlimited @ PCS on March 25th!

Director of TechKids Unlimited, Beth Rosenberg will tell us more about TechKids Unlimited and how we can volunteer to help children with disabilities learn tech. Stop by, get some pizza, and listen to her speak. You can find out more about TechKids Unlimited on
Eventbrite - Beth Rosenberg from TechKids Unlimited

Amaury Moulron from BuzzFeed @ PCS on April 8th!

The Design Technologist from BuzzFeed will give us some insight on how social media and technology is used to promote BuzzFeed. If you’re interested make sure to stop by for some pizza and to hear him speak. Their website is at
Eventbrite - Amaury Moulron from BuzzFeed

Playtest Thurdays

Bring a game and play with other students, no sign-up needed. FREE PIZZA. It’s every Thursday staring January 8th.