On February 18 Brian Soicket from Uncubed visited The Seidenberg School of Computer Science at Pace University. Uncubed is a company that hosts job fairs every year across the country. However, Uncubed is not your average job fair. This is a more interactive experience that has been having events for over 150 universities around the country, since 2011. See for yourself with this short video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dZh1I_dYggQ.
Uncubed is a company that helps connect people with all kinds of careers. Working the usual 9-5 job, behind a desk, in a cubical, is not for everyone. This way a person can “escape the cubicle.” Uncubed can help you find a job that fits your passion, so you can make money doing something you actually enjoy. Over 90 companies will be at this job fair. These include Buzzfeed.com, Meetup.com, SoundCloud.com, TechBoost, and Rent the runway. A complete list of the companies can be found on the Uncubed website. You The next Uncubed event is on May 8th 2015. You can buy tickets online on Uncubed.com. If you want to win tickets, you can print out your resumé and enter it in a drawing at the Seidenburg building, 163 Williams street.

Just some advice
1. Do research on the companies you are interested in speaking to. You will most likely not Be able to have a conversation with every single one. Nor would you want to work at every single company.
2. Bring some copies of a résumé . If you do this, a one page résumé is the best choice. Companies love to see evidence of your progress in your field. If you are a musician and you have samples of your work online, you should include links to them on your résumé. If you are good with working with apps, you should include info on where they can see it. You as a person are more important than what is on your résumé. Although some companies may give you a business card and ask you to submit it electronically. In some ways this is better, because now they will be looking forward to it and will be less likely to lose it.
3. This job fair will be more casual than usual job fairs. So, you may not need to wear a suit. You should dress for your field. Dress business casual (more casual than business). You want to feel comfortable in what your wearing.
4. Uncubed also offers classes. This may be a better choice for those who are not as extroverted. For those, this event can be a bit overwhelming.
5. When you talk to the different companies, it is good to show that you know about them and what they do. You should say things like “I love the work you’ve done with…” Or “I had an idea of how you can make things better.”