imageThis past Wednesday AJ Smith and Chris Sakai visited pace university to talk about Jozii. Jozii is a company that helps College kids find jobs. After college many graduates may have dozens of opportunities to meet with big companies. However, these companies are not likely to give a graduate a good job because the student lacks experience. Jozii helps students connect with companies and helps them gain experience while they are still in school. It is easy to sign up on Jozii matches students with jobs based on their personalities and what they are interested in with less emphasis on what school they graduated from.

Jozii is a small company with little members and in some ways that is better. A small group of people makes for easier communication. All members have easy access to each other. Jozii currently has over 1500 users since December, have recently expanded to Los Angeles and They are very optimistic about the progress. Before AJ Smith started Jozii, he worked for several jobs involving Bitcoin and we design. When they fell through or ended up not working out, he decided to create his own start up. In a start up company, communication between members is very important. They use bitbucket, htichhack, Skype, and GChat, helps them with that. “Even in a small team it becomes very easy to get off topic and for nobody to know what’s going on”(Smith)

Choosing to build a startup now (while still in school) is a good choice. You still have access to loans to cover your housing and other expenses. Building a startup is a learning experience. Even if a startup fails, it will not have been a wast of time because you were able to gain experience in creating something. You will also learn the process of running a business. This is also great experience you can take to companies when trying to look for a job later. Being able to say that you took part in a startup makes you more attractive as an employee. A college student (if living in a dorm) would not have to worry about deciding if they should pay their rent or fund their business. With doing this, it is important to have a balance between your personal life and your business life.

Chris Sakai graduated from Pace University in May. He met Aj Smith at a job fair and got a job when he graduated and has been working there for a little over half a year. Sakai, learned a lot of what he knows about computer science through outside sources and while working on the job. Jozii will be at a career fair at Pace on April 9th

Some helpful links

Jozii Twitter @Joziijobs

Chris Sakai Twitter @_csax

Student registration for April 9th career fair


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