image is a news media website. On you can get informed on serious news, be entertained with comedy skits and discussions, or gain insite to your true self with some quizzes. Just last week Pace University was visited by Buzzfeed engineer Amauri Moulron. He is one of the people behind it all. He works at the company responsible for “black and blue or white and gold.”image

Within the past two years Buzzfeed has had a towering and impressive increase in the number of visitors. Most visitors do so on their mobile devices. With videos showing President Obama as a regular person, it’s no wonder why they have so many.

Originally created as a tech company, Buzzfeed keeps technology as their main focus. They use stats and data to help their editors make decisions on what content gets published. This is info that you can get too if you publish content on Buzzfeed. You would just need to create an account. Aside from their website, Buzzfeed engineers work on mobile apps. One of them is called “cute or not.” Users can share photos of their pets and other users can vote whether they are cute or not. “Basically tinder for pets” (Moulron)


Buzzfeed is like a Jack of all trades. With funny content, serious news, and apps, there is something for everyone.


Tech Kids Unlimited


Beth Rosenberg at Pace University

                 Did you know that 1 in every 68 kids is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder? Many of these kids may fall behind later in life because there are little opportunities for them. Children with autism usually have problems with communication skills. Because of this, and other factors with autism, they need extra and individualized attention. This support is available at many schools. However, once the child is an adult, it becomes harder for them to find support and to support themselves.
While in school, these children, as well as other children with learning disabilities, are not usually taught skills that will be applicable later in life with finding a job and supporting themselves. Beth Rosenberg saw that this was a problem. With experience from her own son who has autism, Beth came up with the idea for Tech Kids Unlimited.
This is a program that teaches kids who learn differently, technology. These children are able to learn coding HTML, Java, Python and learning Photoshop. These are only a few of the things that the kids learn to do. The teachers involved, take very professional based programs and break it down to train these kids to do some amazing things. If you want to see for yourself Check it out! With these programs, these kids can take their skills and knoimagewledge and turn them into careers later. Not only that, but it is a fun and safe environment, where the kids can interact with each other, do activities, make new friends, and reach their full potential.
They have programs in the summer and are currently hiring undergraduate and graduate students as counselors and teachers. The locations for the programs are at NYU-Poly MAGNET, JCC in Manhattan, and here at Pace University! For more information on the programs you can go to the Tech Kids Unlimited website For more information on jobs or if you just want to volunteer and get experience with working with these amazing kids you can email Beth Rosenberg at