image is a news media website. On you can get informed on serious news, be entertained with comedy skits and discussions, or gain insite to your true self with some quizzes. Just last week Pace University was visited by Buzzfeed engineer Amauri Moulron. He is one of the people behind it all. He works at the company responsible for “black and blue or white and gold.”image

Within the past two years Buzzfeed has had a towering and impressive increase in the number of visitors. Most visitors do so on their mobile devices. With videos showing President Obama as a regular person, it’s no wonder why they have so many.

Originally created as a tech company, Buzzfeed keeps technology as their main focus. They use stats and data to help their editors make decisions on what content gets published. This is info that you can get too if you publish content on Buzzfeed. You would just need to create an account. Aside from their website, Buzzfeed engineers work on mobile apps. One of them is called “cute or not.” Users can share photos of their pets and other users can vote whether they are cute or not. “Basically tinder for pets” (Moulron)


Buzzfeed is like a Jack of all trades. With funny content, serious news, and apps, there is something for everyone.


Tech Kids Unlimited


Beth Rosenberg at Pace University

                 Did you know that 1 in every 68 kids is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder? Many of these kids may fall behind later in life because there are little opportunities for them. Children with autism usually have problems with communication skills. Because of this, and other factors with autism, they need extra and individualized attention. This support is available at many schools. However, once the child is an adult, it becomes harder for them to find support and to support themselves.
While in school, these children, as well as other children with learning disabilities, are not usually taught skills that will be applicable later in life with finding a job and supporting themselves. Beth Rosenberg saw that this was a problem. With experience from her own son who has autism, Beth came up with the idea for Tech Kids Unlimited.
This is a program that teaches kids who learn differently, technology. These children are able to learn coding HTML, Java, Python and learning Photoshop. These are only a few of the things that the kids learn to do. The teachers involved, take very professional based programs and break it down to train these kids to do some amazing things. If you want to see for yourself Check it out! With these programs, these kids can take their skills and knoimagewledge and turn them into careers later. Not only that, but it is a fun and safe environment, where the kids can interact with each other, do activities, make new friends, and reach their full potential.
They have programs in the summer and are currently hiring undergraduate and graduate students as counselors and teachers. The locations for the programs are at NYU-Poly MAGNET, JCC in Manhattan, and here at Pace University! For more information on the programs you can go to the Tech Kids Unlimited website For more information on jobs or if you just want to volunteer and get experience with working with these amazing kids you can email Beth Rosenberg at

Presidential Innovation Fellowship

When thinking about a future career, whether they are students or graduates, many people want to work in something that helps others. Many people want to make a difference in their community or in their country. The men who visited pace university on March 25th do just that. Clarence Wardell and Christopher Wong work in the Presidential Innovation Fellowship. These fellows work with actual agents in the U.S government to think of new projects that improve the economy and the lives of citizens.

A current project they are working on is called Open Data. The Blue Button Initiative is a part of this. The Blue Button Initiative is a project where the Heath care industry and the federal government have come together to make it easier for veterans to access their medical records when imagethey need them. Now over a million veterans and non veterans use it. Another part of Open Data, is OpenFDA. This allows the public to have access to data from the Food and Drug Association, including medication error reports.

Anyone who wants to make a difference in their country, should consider a position in the government. Taking part in the Presidential Innovation Fellowship is a great way to take part in making changes within the government and a great way to help people in the country. Clarence Wardell and Christopher Wong are in the third round of fellows. Each round lasts only one year. So, these talented people are working hard to make things better while they can, and have done so much already!

For more information on these fellows and the things they’re doing:


imageThis past Wednesday AJ Smith and Chris Sakai visited pace university to talk about Jozii. Jozii is a company that helps College kids find jobs. After college many graduates may have dozens of opportunities to meet with big companies. However, these companies are not likely to give a graduate a good job because the student lacks experience. Jozii helps students connect with companies and helps them gain experience while they are still in school. It is easy to sign up on Jozii matches students with jobs based on their personalities and what they are interested in with less emphasis on what school they graduated from.

Jozii is a small company with little members and in some ways that is better. A small group of people makes for easier communication. All members have easy access to each other. Jozii currently has over 1500 users since December, have recently expanded to Los Angeles and They are very optimistic about the progress. Before AJ Smith started Jozii, he worked for several jobs involving Bitcoin and we design. When they fell through or ended up not working out, he decided to create his own start up. In a start up company, communication between members is very important. They use bitbucket, htichhack, Skype, and GChat, helps them with that. “Even in a small team it becomes very easy to get off topic and for nobody to know what’s going on”(Smith)

Choosing to build a startup now (while still in school) is a good choice. You still have access to loans to cover your housing and other expenses. Building a startup is a learning experience. Even if a startup fails, it will not have been a wast of time because you were able to gain experience in creating something. You will also learn the process of running a business. This is also great experience you can take to companies when trying to look for a job later. Being able to say that you took part in a startup makes you more attractive as an employee. A college student (if living in a dorm) would not have to worry about deciding if they should pay their rent or fund their business. With doing this, it is important to have a balance between your personal life and your business life.

Chris Sakai graduated from Pace University in May. He met Aj Smith at a job fair and got a job when he graduated and has been working there for a little over half a year. Sakai, learned a lot of what he knows about computer science through outside sources and while working on the job. Jozii will be at a career fair at Pace on April 9th

Some helpful links

Jozii Twitter @Joziijobs

Chris Sakai Twitter @_csax

Student registration for April 9th career fair


On February 18 Brian Soicket from Uncubed visited The Seidenberg School of Computer Science at Pace University. Uncubed is a company that hosts job fairs every year across the country. However, Uncubed is not your average job fair. This is a more interactive experience that has been having events for over 150 universities around the country, since 2011. See for yourself with this short video:
Uncubed is a company that helps connect people with all kinds of careers. Working the usual 9-5 job, behind a desk, in a cubical, is not for everyone. This way a person can “escape the cubicle.” Uncubed can help you find a job that fits your passion, so you can make money doing something you actually enjoy. Over 90 companies will be at this job fair. These include,,, TechBoost, and Rent the runway. A complete list of the companies can be found on the Uncubed website. You The next Uncubed event is on May 8th 2015. You can buy tickets online on If you want to win tickets, you can print out your resumé and enter it in a drawing at the Seidenburg building, 163 Williams street.

Just some advice
1. Do research on the companies you are interested in speaking to. You will most likely not Be able to have a conversation with every single one. Nor would you want to work at every single company.
2. Bring some copies of a résumé . If you do this, a one page résumé is the best choice. Companies love to see evidence of your progress in your field. If you are a musician and you have samples of your work online, you should include links to them on your résumé. If you are good with working with apps, you should include info on where they can see it. You as a person are more important than what is on your résumé. Although some companies may give you a business card and ask you to submit it electronically. In some ways this is better, because now they will be looking forward to it and will be less likely to lose it.
3. This job fair will be more casual than usual job fairs. So, you may not need to wear a suit. You should dress for your field. Dress business casual (more casual than business). You want to feel comfortable in what your wearing.
4. Uncubed also offers classes. This may be a better choice for those who are not as extroverted. For those, this event can be a bit overwhelming.
5. When you talk to the different companies, it is good to show that you know about them and what they do. You should say things like “I love the work you’ve done with…” Or “I had an idea of how you can make things better.”